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The Taxonomy is changing. Are you ready? BeyondWalls XBRL - The Smart Way!

The MCA has announced that all XBRL filings for financial year starting 01-Apr-2014 will have to be done as per new taxonomy that will be in line with Companies Act 2013. The taxonomy is still in draft stage, and MCA is expected to support the new forms only by 30-Sep-2015. This will leave companies with just 30 days to file their XBRL's as per the changed taxonomy. Are you ready to handle this change?

BeyondWalls XBRL is the only software that will seamlessly support the importing of data from old to the new taxonomy. This means that while the new taxonomy is yet to be announced, you can continue working on the old taxonomy. Once the new taxonomy is ready, you can import all your data into the new taxonomy.

What is more? You can import the XBRL generated from any software tool, and import it directly into the BeyondWalls XBRL's new taxonomy template

The BeyondWalls advantage:

  • Seamlessly move from old taxonomy to new taxonomy (Companies Act 2013)
  • Automatically import last years XBRL
  • User-friendly pre-defined template. Data to be directly entered in the template.
  • No understanding of XBRL taxonomy required
  • Powerful cell level business rule validations
  • Import MCA validation tool errors
  • Can be used for both revised schedule VI reporting and for XBRL generation
  • Validation tool validates taxonomy rules. Comprehensive validation and error report
  • Ability to capture footnotes for any data element
  • Smart Format® allows input of formatted data relating to notes and disclosures.
  • Integrated Workflow management, Project management and Document management capabilities
  • Archiving, auditing, data security and access management features


The MCA XBRL taxonomy is changing for the 3rd time in 4 years. Having been part of the Indian XBRL market from the first year of the mandate, we know what it takes to support you seamlessly through these transitions. Talk to us to find out more.

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